Plants from Epic Aquatics

Plants from Epic Aquatics

Good morning / afternoon / evening #shrimpers! We had some requests to expand our plant section, but unfortunately we use most of our tanks either for breeding shrimp, or for our personal aquascape. So we decided to ask the people who knows best and have the history in our industry to back it up with great products and knowledge. We are happy to announce that we will be stocking plants from Epic Aquatics as from the end of the month. So get those orders in! Here is a bit of info from the guys at Epic Aquatics:

EpicAquatics is a newly established company in South Africa located in Pretoria. Our aim is to increase the experience for the South African aquascaping community by producing and supplying a large selection of quality fresh water plants all year round. All our plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure quality products are supplied at affordable prices.
All the plants produced in our local greenhouse are grown emersed, meaning the plants are grown fully exposed to air. The roots and substrate are flooded with water, but there is no standing water above the stems and leaves.
The reasons for this method of growing are below:
• Plants grown emersed ship better, they are shipped exposed to air just like they are grown
• No algae on the leaves, roots or stems
• Plants are much stronger and robust compared to submersed plants

Like we said… keep watching guys, more news to follow!

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