GlasGarten and SaltyShrimp

GlasGarten and SaltyShrimp

Good Afternoon #shrimpers!

We hope that everyone is doing well. We are very happy to announce that our first order of GlasGarten and SaltyShrimp has arrived. We have been waiting for some time on these, but they are finally here. Unfortunately/fortunately most have already been taken trough back orders, and only a small quantity remains available for now. The next order is scheduled for the New Year, but we might be able to put one in if the demand justifies it. The whole operation takes about 25 days, so if it is gone before the end of November, we might be lucky to have it before Xmas. On that note there will be some #BlackFriday sales, so keep your eyes open for them, they may pup up at any time.

Also we have achieved 2 of our milestones this week, with over 100 likes on Facebook and over 1000 views on our last YouTube video! To celebrate this we will be having a giveaway in December also just in time for Xmas.

Thank you for your continuing support! Without you this wouldn’t been possible.

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