Vesicularia montagnei “Christmas moss” CARPET


Very densely ramified, bushy growth
Soft, delicate texture
Light green colour
Attaches well to the substate or hardscape

Type: Epiphyte
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: Low to High
CO2: Low to High

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Family: Hipnaceae

Dimensions: Height 3-5 cm

Provenance: Asia

Water Parameters: Temp. 18/26 ° C; Ph 6 / 7.5; Gh 4/18

Propagation: by division

Light: Low to intense lighting


Also called “Christmas Moss” at least since 1996 because of the particular branching of the fronds reminiscent of Christmas trees is quite easy to grow in the aquarium even if it tends to vary the growth and appearance depending on the way it is cultivated.

It is a variety that responds well in conditions of good light, constant supply of Co2, anchored to rocks or roots and good fertilization; it develops quite quickly, maintaining its “original form”.

With low light, no Co2 and left floating, the growth will be much slower and the classic triangle structure will be less noticeable. In this form it is often confused with the much more common Taxiphyllum Barbieri, known as Java moss.

A lush carpet of plants in the foreground of the tank is a dream for many enthusiast, but this can remain a mirage for most of them because of the lack of time. Linea Carpet by Anubias simplifies everything: the ready-to-use, sterile mats of plants and mosses can be placed directly into the tanks, realizing in few minutes a perfect carpet of plants. The special plants, mosses and ferns for the quickest carpet ever seen.


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