Rotala wallichii TUBE


Very fine delicate leaves
Reddish-brown to pink colours
Very nice in a large group

Type: Stem
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demand: Low to High
CO2: Low to High

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Family: Lythraceae

Dimensions: Height 10-25 cm

Provenance: Asia

Temp. 20/28 ° C; Ph 5/9; Gh 6/18

Propagation: by division

Light: Low to intense lighting


Rotala wallichii is an elegant stem plant originating from soft, slightly acidic waters in South-Eastern Asia. Its inflorescence has bright purple flowers. Even though it is not quite easy in cultivation it is a highly popular plant.

R. wallichii needs lots of light, CO2 fertilisation and a well-balanced supply of nutrients to grow well. The light intensity should at least be 0.5 watts per litre in order for it to attain intensive colours and to support growth. A good supply of CO2, either with bio CO2 or a system using pressure bottles is indispensable. Rotala wallichii grows best if the nitrate level never falls to zero but does not exceed 10 to 15 mg per litre either. A high phosphate content of 1-2 mg per litre is preferred, as well as a good supply of iron and micronutrients.
Under optimal growth conditions this plant rewards its keeper with stunning colours, ranging from intense pink over orange to deep red foliage with a diameter of 2 cm and more.

This Rotala species forms opulent finely-structured groups growing upwards. Those plant parts closest to the surface develop the most intensive colours and throw a large number of lateral shoots. If R. wallichii grows too large for your tank design you can just cut off the uppermost part and re-plant it in the substrate. Propagation is done by cuttings of top and lateral shoots. They grow new roots very fast if re-planted in the substrate and start growing again.

Colourful R. wallichii is used in Nature Aquaria and in Dutch-style tanks. It is a great red accent plant for the middle- or background of an aquarium. In order to get the best effect, three to five stems should be planted at a time so they grow to form beautifully dense groups.

The Anubias CUP contains within it numerous small portions of young and vigorous plants that must be carefully rinsed using tap water at room temperature and positioned with the aid of tweezers in the foreground of the aquarium.

Buying a Cup, the customer is sure to receive a healthy, vigorous, pesticide-, nails- and algae free product. Within a package there are more portions compared to a common jar or potted plants and this makes it a product with an excellent quality/quantity-price ratio. The growing substrate, unlike the common rock wool, is liquid or gelatinous and is very easy to remove by rinsing the plant with tap water. The seedlings inside are already divided into small, simple portions to be planted in the substrate of the aquarium. The practical packaging contains on the back all the technical data, the scientific name and the chemical-physical parameters for the optimal cultivation of the plant.
Inside the Cup young micro-propagated seedlings are grown on a nutrient-rich liquid or gelatinous substrate. The substrate can be different in color and consistency according to the needs of the plant. Being a hermetically sealed package, the tongue on the cap guarantees the integrity of the product.


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