Rotala sp. Colorata


Type: Midground, Background
Growth Rate: Medium
Light Demand: High
CO2: Medium

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Rotala sp. ‘Colorata’ is very probably a variant of the variable species Rotala rotundifolia. Often it is also labeled with the erroneous name “Rotala indica”. In comparison with “standard” R. rotundifolia, this Rotala assumes an especially intensive light red to orange red colour, especially if it is under good light. The leaves are narrow lineal. The stems have an overhanging to horizontal growth habit and form dense bushes as they ramify readily, just like Rotala sp. “Green”, which is always light green. Rotala sp. ‘Colorata’ is a good combination partner for it.

Level of difficulty: Low
Lighting requirements: High
CO2 Required: Medium
Aquasoil Required: No
Growth rate: High

EpicAquatics is a newly established company in South Africa located in Pretoria. Our aim is to increase the experience for the South African aquascaping community by producing and supplying a large selection of quality fresh water plants all year round. All our plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure quality products are supplied at affordable prices.

All the plants produced in our local greenhouse are grown emersed, meaning the plants are grown fully exposed to air. The roots and substrate are flooded with water, but there is no standing water above the stems and leaves.

The reasons for this method of growing are below:
 Plants grown emersed ship better, they are shipped exposed to air just like they are grown
 No algae on the leaves, roots or stems
 Plants are much stronger and robust compared to submersed plants

Planting Instructions
1. Remove the label
2. Remove the rock wool together with the plant from the net pot
3. Remove the rock wool from the root system , take care not to break or tear the larger roots while doing this
4. Plant the stems using tweezers into the substrate

Transitioning process – emersed to submersed growth in your aquarium
 Provide good water conditions for your plants
 Dose a respectable aquatic fertilizer for your plants , follow the instructions from the manufacturer
 Provide the correct lighting spectrum , based on the plants needs
 Prune dead leaves and stems constantly
 A Co2 system is a good addition into your aquarium for the plants to flourish
 Conduct 20-30% water changed once a week to ensure good water conditions
 Patience is key for the transition to take place

In a few days, after placing your plants in the aquarium you will notice much of the leaves start to melt and fall away. This means the transition process has started. Please note the plants might look DEAD, but they are fully alive, so do not panic. After a few days you will notice new growth will appear and the plant will fully change its form into submersed growth. Continuous trimming and fertilization is needed for the plants to thrive in your aquarium.
All plants have specific needs but if you follow the general instructions on our labels the plant will transition well and will eventually succeed and prosper in your aquarium.


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