Pogostemon helferi CUP


Relatively small green Crypt
Robust and undemanding
Medium green coloration

Type: Epiphyte, Midground, Foreground
Growth Rate: Slow
Light Demand: High
CO2: High

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Family: Lamiaceae

Dimensions: Height 3-10 cm

Provenance: Asia

Water Parameters: Temp. 22/27 ° C; Ph 5.5 / 8; Gh 6/18

Propagation : For side jets and cuttings

Light: Lighting from medium to intense to intense


Very particular plant with a very decorative look.

One of the simplest foreground plants to grow.

It requires a good quantity of good quality light.

In nature it grows semi-submerged on substrates very rich in iron, so it is easy to notice that in the aquarium where this element is lacking, the leaves tend to turn yellow.

It is therefore necessary to provide iron both in the column and in the substrate.

Constant CO2 administration promotes luxuriant growth.

Although not a plant easy to grow, it is certainly the most suitable plant for those who want to approach a more demanding aquarium plants.

The Anubias CUP contains within it numerous small portions of young and vigorous plants that must be carefully rinsed using tap water at room temperature and positioned with the aid of tweezers in the foreground of the aquarium.

Buying a Cup, the customer is sure to receive a healthy, vigorous, pesticide-, nails- and algae free product. Within a package there are more portions compared to a common jar or potted plants and this makes it a product with an excellent quality/quantity-price ratio. The growing substrate, unlike the common rock wool, is liquid or gelatinous and is very easy to remove by rinsing the plant with tap water. The seedlings inside are already divided into small, simple portions to be planted in the substrate of the aquarium. The practical packaging contains on the back all the technical data, the scientific name and the chemical-physical parameters for the optimal cultivation of the plant.
Inside the Cup young micro-propagated seedlings are grown on a nutrient-rich liquid or gelatinous substrate. The substrate can be different in color and consistency according to the needs of the plant. Being a hermetically sealed package, the tongue on the cap guarantees the integrity of the product.

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  1. ArmandR

    By far one of our favorite plants

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